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Show Notes

This week we look into what impact president-elect Trump could have on the Latino community in the United States. A lot of us are still shaking our head as to how this happened and what this will mean, but we did some research and break down what specific actions an anti-immigrant president means to millions of Americans.

What Trump Can Do

Trump could end DACA which is protects children who were brought here illegaly as children and grew up here from being deported. Trump could roll this back and then those folks, 1.3M of them, would be eligible for deportation.

In addition to cancelling this legal protection, Trump could renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This could hurt the Mexican economy tremendously by putting tariffs on goods sold to the United States. In contrast, this would also make regular items like fruit in the United States cost a lot more, so many people would be hurt directly by this.

What Trump Likely Cannot Do

It is unlikely that Trump will be able to pay for a border wall or deport 11 million illegal immigrants. Both of these actions would cost the United States economy billions of dollars and would hurt the world economy. If this actually happened he most likely would not win re-election in 2020, which of course is the goal of all presidents in their first term.

Trump cannot continue to sound like a racist bigot. As president you are not all powerful and the job of all politicians is to get re-elected. Add that together and you have a situation where any extreme policies that Trump may have promised in his campaign won’t gain enough support from congress to get approval and eventually implementation.

Good News From the Election

On a positive note from the election, Prop 58 passed which will allow more schools to have bilingual education in schools.

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Refrigedor = Refridgerator
  • Oficina = Office
  • Bichitos = Bugs
  • Muy bien = very good
  • Aseguranza = Insurance
  • Disfrazarse = To dress up
  • Al reves = The other way around
  • Fuchi = Gross
  • Toalla = Towel
  • Platicar = To talk
  • Charlar = To chat
  • Savinas = Bed sheets