speaking spanish

Ep. 49 – Don’t Be Shy

We catch up on the week, Ben was in New York and had a couple opportunities to make conversation with Spanish speakers from Columbia. He’s never shy to spark up a convo with anyone.
Our son Jack has been speaking all his colors in Spanish.  We love how he pronounces rosa “Sosa”

Ep. 46 – An Ear For Español

After learning Spanish for a while, you develop an extra sensitivity whenever someone starts speaking it near you. This is certainly the case for us and for many others we know.

Ep. 42 – Comida de Chile

This episode is all about food. Specifically food from Santiago, Chile. Jennie’s recent trip to Chile gave her many opportunities to eat the local fare and enjoy the culture. In this episode she shares all about her cooking class, the markets, and challenges of a foreign language menu.

Ep. 40 – While Jennie’s Away

Jennie sent us some clips from her trip to Chile so in this episode you get to hear what it’s really like speaking Spanish in another country. Also, Ben has a question for you. ¡Gracias por Escuchar!

Ep. 39 – !Vamos a Chile!

Jennie is going to Chile! She’s super excited to visit a new country and take in the culture and language with her good friend. In this week we talk about her preparations for the trip and some of the things she is looking to do while in Chile. She’ll be back in a week and hopes to record while there so next week stay tuned for some potential clips of her trip.

Ep. 38 – La Semana en Español

We’re introducing a new segment where we catch up with each other about the past week in Spanish. Thank you, everyone, for the great feedback about our previous conversations in Spanish for motivating us to do this. We think this will be a good way to share where we are at in our journey as well as help you learn a bit in the process. Enjoy!

Ep. 30 – Niño Hablar

Lately we’ve been really focusing on helping Jack learn to speak. Like all parents we’ve read way too many articles on the internet about this which basically just confuse the issue. In this week’s episode we talk in depth about this and share our new words.