Ep. 53 – Habla Solo en Español?

We are back this week after visiting family and have some thoughts and feelings on how our family reacted to our son speaking “solo en español”!  Our road trip brought on some opportunities to come up with games to play in Spanish and songs to sing.

Ep. 51 – Bilingual Mama Series – Tera Lopez Vannoy

Today we bring you a new series! To kick it off I sit down with my good friend Tera Lopez Vannoy. We chat what it’s like to dive headfirst into the unknown that is raising your first born bilingual.

Ep. 19 – Making Travel Arrangements in Spanish

This week we catch up with our learning journey. We had a class with Lalo so we have lots of words and phrases to share. As well, we are planning a trip to Oaxaca and in doing so had to navigate making the travel arrangements in Spanish over email. This posed a challenge but we got through it and share our tips on how you can navigate these situations also.

Ep. 7 – Bilingual Fiesta and Spanish in Politics

Our last two weeks were chock full of experiences in our learning journey including our son’s 1st birthday party and our trip to Portland to visit family. At Jack’s party we had some family and close friends over to celebrate with many speaking both Spanish and English, including Jack’s nanny Patricia.