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Ep. 58 – WHY to Start Learning Spanish Today

Hola Todos!

Alright, we have another quick episode for you to absorb today. It’s about finding your WHY.

We really feel this has helped us stick to learning past the first few weeks, months, and even year after taking on the challenge of studying a new language. 

Your WHY is what will keep you going.

We give some tips and ideas on how to find yours in today’s episode.

Ep. 2 – How We Got to This Point

We started our journey nearly 2 years ago to learn Spanish and immerse ourselves into Latin culture. Along the way we’ve been able to fine tune our method and what works for us including taking classes, using duolingo, and challenging ourselves to engage with others in public.

Ep. 1 – It Starts with Why

We are Jennie and Ben Sullins hosts of Breaking Español the Podcast. Recording after our young son Jack goes to sleep. We started this journey because we believe having compassion for other cultures starts with speaking their language. After a few trips to Europe and Latin America, we decided it was time to commit and actually learn a second language. Living in Southern California Spanish was an obvious choice.