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Ep. 54 – Our Year in Review

Nuestra ultimo episodio del año!

Another year that we have completed podcasting our journey to become a bilingual family.

It had it’s excitement and challenges and we recap it in this last episode of 2017.


Jennie y Benjamin

Ep. 20 – The Importance of Immersion

This week we’re talking all about immersion. There are two main ways we think about immersion, in school and in life. So we have two stories this week about how bilingual education may be coming back if a state proposition passes as well as a tale of one woman who took her family through Mexico and South America to truly immerse themselves in Latin life and culture.

Ep. 14 – Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX)

Ben just got back from his trip to Mexico city so we sat down to hear how it went. Ben was there with his brother for his bachelor party (Despedida de Soltero) and visited many areas, the huge park Chapultepec, and enjoyed a ton of great food.

Ep. 12 – Valle de Guadalupe

We’re so excited to share with you our recent trip down to Valle de Guadalupe! If you’re not familiar, this is Baja’s burgeoning wine country that sits just east of Ensenada about 1.5hrs south of San Diego.