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Show Notes

This week we recount a trip we went on early in our Spanish learning journey to Nicaragua. Often for Jennie’s birthday the weather here in San Diego is pretty rainy so we end up traveling, this time to an amazing tropical destination and surf paradise.

The trip was five days in a small town called Playa Gigante at the Papaya Wellness surf and yoga retreat. During the five days we had many opportunities to advance our Spanish speaking as well as interact with many locals and make new memories in an amazing country. Enjoy!

Palabras Espanolas (Spanish Words)

  • ¿Que Tal? = What’s up?
  • Nica = Nicaragua
  • Gallo Pinto = Rice and Beans Nica style
  • Tu turno = Your turn
  • Esposa/o = wife/husband
  • Un poquito = a little bit
  • No tengo tiempo = I don’t have time
  • Vamo = Let’s go