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Show Notes

This week we recap some of our recent learning challenges including a video chat where Ben helped Lalo with some questions about his blog and Jennie who made a few new bilingual friends at a nearby park.

When Ben had a session helping Lalo with his website all in Spanish It went well but there were a lot of words Ben didn’t know because of the vocab related to websites.

We met some other bilingual parents at a nearby park. They both grew up speaking Spanish in their home so they obviously can speak more naturally than us but we were able to have a little convo and become friends.

Another friend we made at the same park, on the same day, was an actual Flamenco teacher! This was fun for Ben because he finally got to talk to someone that understands his favorite music.

A new Ted talk discussing reasons for language learning got us thinking why we would recommend learning a new language. The main reason we came to find was that without having some grasp of the language, you’ll never truly be able to experience another culture and what it has to offer.

Even within just a short time learning you’ll definitely notice that different feeling when you travel to a country that speaks that language natively. We’ve had many experiences like this and is still one of our main motivations.

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • El Blog = Blog
  • Compatir = To Share
  • Dicir = To Tell/Say
  • El Lance = Link
  • Lentamente = Slowly
  • Queso Rellado = Shredded Cheese
  • Lechuza = Owl
  • Ojos = Eyes
  • Redondo = Round
  • Las Gaviotes = The Seahorse
  • La Paloma = The Pigeon
  • Barracho = To be drunk