Ep. 6 – Overcoming Struggles When Learning

Show Notes

This week we catch up with each other on how the week was as well as we did our first recording speaking Spanish in the wild! We took a mic with us on a recent journey out and about the town and got a few sound bites of us talking with others in Spanish.

This is the first of many peeks into what it’s really like to be learning a language and trying to speak with other, native Spanish speakers, in the wild. Who knows, maybe we’ll head to a Spanish speaking country soon to get more of these clips for you 😉

Jennie had a bit rougher of a week which is how it goes sometimes. She shares her feelings and thoughts about how it was and possibly what to do next week to make it a better learning week. Enjoy!

Ben’s Week

  • Met a guy from La Paz, near Cabo in Baja, had a good convo all in Spanish
  • Spoke w/ a guy at the farmers market today, communicated well for ~ 5min

This week I Learned

  • Acerca de = About
  • En un rato = In a minute
  • Cola = Line / Tail
  • Cantidad = Amount
  • Bienestar = well-being

Jennie’s Week

  • Had a rough week understanding people
  • Looking forward to only speaking Spanish with our nanny
  • Trying to sing nursery rhymes in Spanish to Jack while driving without the TV
  • Looking up a lot of past tense words

Spanish Words (Palabras Españolas)

  • Contento = Happy / Content
  • Feliz = Happy
  • Solo Español = Just / Only Spanish
  • Nuestra Casa = Our House
  • Elota = Corn on the cobb
  • Pabo = Turkey
  • Carne de Res = Beef
  • Vaca = Cow
  • Toro = Bull
  • Carne = Meat
  • Mil Gracias = A thousand thanks
  • Mil = Thousand
  • Gracias = Thanks
  • Hemos = We have had
  • Probecito = Poor little baby
  • Provechito = Good food

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