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Show Notes

This week we catch up with each other on how the week was as well as we did our first recording speaking Spanish in the wild! We took a mic with us on a recent journey out and about the town and got a few sound bites of us talking with others in Spanish.

This is the first of many peeks into what it’s really like to be learning a language and trying to speak with other, native Spanish speakers, in the wild. Who knows, maybe we’ll head to a Spanish speaking country soon to get more of these clips for you 😉

Jennie had a bit rougher of a week which is how it goes sometimes. She shares her feelings and thoughts about how it was and possibly what to do next week to make it a better learning week. Enjoy!

Ben’s Week

  • Met a guy from La Paz, near Cabo in Baja, had a good convo all in Spanish
  • Spoke w/ a guy at the farmers market today, communicated well for ~ 5min

This week I Learned

  • Acerca de = About
  • En un rato = In a minute
  • Cola = Line / Tail
  • Cantidad = Amount
  • Bienestar = well-being

Jennie’s Week

  • Had a rough week understanding people
  • Looking forward to only speaking Spanish with our nanny
  • Trying to sing nursery rhymes in Spanish to Jack while driving without the TV
  • Looking up a lot of past tense words

Spanish Words (Palabras Españolas)

  • Contento = Happy / Content
  • Feliz = Happy
  • Solo Español = Just / Only Spanish
  • Nuestra Casa = Our House
  • Elota = Corn on the cobb
  • Pabo = Turkey
  • Carne de Res = Beef
  • Vaca = Cow
  • Toro = Bull
  • Carne = Meat
  • Mil Gracias = A thousand thanks
  • Mil = Thousand
  • Gracias = Thanks
  • Hemos = We have had
  • Probecito = Poor little baby
  • Provechito = Good food