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Show Notes

Part 3 of our journal through Oaxaca is all about Mezcal. We heard about this unforgettable mezcal educational tour of some palenques (Mezcal Distilleries) from some friends we made at the bed and breakfast. They gave us the guys info who we quickly called the following day and scheduled our tour for Sunday, the day before we were leaving.

The drive out to the palenques was over an hour and luckily Jack slept the whole way there and through most of the first stop. We learned about all the different types of agave used for Mezcal and how they grow wild on the hillsides which are farmed by the people of the town.

We learned about the process of making Mezcal and the traditions including tasting many different kinds. Some of our favorites were Tobala and Cuishe, both of which we purchased from the distillers. This was, as our traveling friends suggested, a must if you’re visiting Oaxaca. To visit the local villages and imbibe with the craftsman of an ancient spirit is worth far more than what we paid.

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Palabras Española (Spanish Words)

  • Palenque = Mezcal Distillery
  • Mezcaleria = Mezcal Bar
  • Paisaje = Landscape
  • Tobala, Espadin = types of agave plants for mezcal
  • Toro = Bull
  • Pueblo = Town
  • Jicara = Gourde to drink mezcal
  • Copita = little cup
  • Las perlas = bubbles
  • Distilleria = Distillery
  • Durazno = Peaches
  • Mamila = Baby bottle
  • Boda = Wedding
  • Mosca = Fly
  • Por si las moscas = Just in case
  • Dame una cheve bien muerta = Give me a cold one
  • Hay mas mordidos = Under the table
  • Silvestres = wild
  • La Cajuela = Trunk