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Show Notes

In part 2 of our Journal through Oaxaca we take you on a tour through their unique botanical garden, to the ancient ruins of Monte Albán, and through the Museo de Textil. Monte Albán is a special place that reminds you how old the region of Oaxaca is. We toured this ancient center of the Zapotec people almost entirely in Spanish on a hot day with our toddler. The botanical gardens offered a peak into the Oaxacan culture and native landscape while the Museo de Textile showed just how colorful and expressive their people are.

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Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca is part of the Templo Santo Domingo, one of the bigger churches in the center of Oaxaca. They offer tours almost every hour and when we arrived they were just about to start a Spanish tour. We figured what better way to get some practice in and learn a few things! In total the tour was about forty-five minutes and cost 50 pesos each (2.5 USD). On the tour we learned a lot about the native fruits and vegetables, what types of trees and plants are native to the area, and even got to tour a greenhouse they use to grow certain plants. We really enjoyed this tour and had a blast with some of the other people on the tour that spoke many different languages.

Monte Albán was the following day and well worth the twenty-five minute ride outside of town. Having a toddler we decided it would be easiest to take a taxi instead of the tour. We arrived fairly early however it was already heating up so we knew we had to make good time there. After arriving we found a tour guide who agreed to help us learn some Spanish and avoid using English almost entirely. He walked us all through the pyramids and even inside some. If you go to Monte Albán be prepared to hike! These are some of the oldest ruins in North America and some of the few which you can still climb to the top of.

After returning to our Bed & Breakfast for a much needed nap in the shade we wanted to go find some good food nearby. This led us to the Museo de Textile and the attached restaurant at the Centro Cultural San Pablo. This is a beautiful little space which has an open garden area in the middle of it with a cafe on one side and full restaurant on the other. This is where we first tried Chapulines (crickets)!

In addition to the garden, museum, cafe and restaurant this gem has a children’s library and play area. Jack wasn’t in the best of moods after waking up from his nap otherwise he would have loved it. If you are in the centro zone in Oaxaca and want to enjoy some good food on a terrace overlooking a garden we recommend checking this place out.

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Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Jardin = Garden
  • Etnobotanico = Botanical
  • Boleto(s) = Ticket(s)
  • Nopales = Cactus
  • Elote = Corn on the Cob
  • Aguacate = Avacado
  • Bolsas = Bags
  • Mucha Gente = Lots of people
  • Ruines = Ruins