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Show Notes

On this episode we talk a lot about the past few weeks of learning as well as some of the encounters we’ve had trying to speak Spanish in real life. Ben was up in Santa Barbara for some work and had a few opportunities to speak Spanish while Jennie stayed home watching Novelas and eating ice cream. Okay that last part isn’t true, but we do talk about novelas in this show as well as an upcoming law/proposition in California that would open up schools ability to run more bilingual programs.

Aprendimos Esta Semana (This Week We Learned)

  • Use “Como” instead of “Like” when speaking Spanish
  • Tengo sed = I am thirsty
  • Me gustaria = I would like…
  • Otra Lado = The other side
  • A lado = On the side
  • Cada Uno/a = Each one
  • La cola = The butt or end
  • Pico = Peak / End
  • La fila = The line
  • PB in an Elevator = Planta Baja (bottom floor)
  • Podria ser = It could be
  • Aliento Malo = Bad breath
  • Eres fastidioso = You’re annoying
  • No puedo esperar is a bad translation for saying “I cannot wait”, instead use
    – Estoy ansioso = I am anxious
    – Tengo ganas de conocerla = I want to know it

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Audiencia = Audience
  • Vamos = Let’s go
  • Ahortia = Now
  • Acento = Accent
  • Mandarina
  • Galletas = Cookies
  • Cepillarse los dientes = Brush your teeth

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