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Show Notes

This week we catch up with our learning journey. We had a class with Lalo so we have lots of words and phrases to share. As well, we are planning a trip to Oaxaca and in doing so had to navigate making the travel arrangements in Spanish over email. This posed a challenge but we got through it and share our tips on how you can navigate these situations also.

In looking for a place in Oaxaca we discovered a few great Bed and Breakfast (BnB) to stay and ended up choosing one near the heart of town. A perfect location to experience the Oaxacan culture and people. We’re excited about this old city as it has some serious roots in pre-hispanic cooking and customs.

Also this week, Ben discovered a book series on Audible containing 9 short stories for beginners. On a recent work trip he only had time to listen to one, but rest assured you’ll hear more about them in coming weeks.

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Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • La barriga llena y el corazón contento = With a full belly, the hear it content
  • Mandé = Tell me / Huh / Come again?
  • Con permiso = Excuse me / With permission
  • Lo siento = I’m sorry
  • Perdon a me = Sorry / Forgive me
  • Parecerse = To look like
  • Aparece = To appear
  • Parece = It seems
  • Dando = Giving
  • Vuelta = A spin / A Round
  • Dando Vuelta = Going a round