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Show Notes

The past week proved to be full of exciting times meeting new friends in Español! Both Jennie and Ben met several people that are first language Spanish speakers and engaged in some interesting conversations. This episode introduces a new format where they talk about experiences like these along with other things they learned like new Spanish words and phrases. Enjoy!

Ben’s Week

  • Almost finished with Duolingo!
  • Presented at SD Startup Week
  • In Spain they speak with a Lisp and using Vosotros (ref)
  • Barcelona is not like the rest of Spain (ref)
  • Ben met a guy from Mexico City (DF) at a conference and now has a tour guide for his upcoming trip

Jennie’s Week

  • Jennie met someone from Colombia at Gymboree
  • They had a connection because our Spanish teacher is from Colombia
  • While talking with her the Colombian woman mentioned not to learn from her because she spoke very informal.

This Week We Learned

  • Buen Provecho = Enjoy the food
  • Agua Fria = Cold Water
  • Sink = Lavabo (in TJ we say Sink)
  • Haber = To have
  • Has visto la peli = Have you seen the movie?
  • Has ido a Tijuana = Have you been to Tijuana?
  • Ayer habia una mujer aqui = Yesterday there was a woman here
  • Habias llegado = You will have arrived


Spanish Words (Palabras Españolas)

  • Dichos = Slang type phrases
  • Bola = Ball
  • Pelota = Ball
  • Cifras = Numbers
  • Numeros = Numbers
  • Granja = Farm
  • Tio = Uncle
  • Gafas = Glasses
  • Antes = Before
  • Vivi = I lived (past tense)