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Show Notes

This week I (ben) do a solo episode talking about learning a language with your spouse. It’s not all sunshine and roses so here I’ll go into some of the ups and down that we’ve went through and how we’re making it work. Enjoy!

A big benefit in learning a language with your spouse is challenging to each other. In our journey we challenge each other daily to speak better and more often. We try to constantly share what we’ve learned and improve each other. This also is about supporting each other, a key component for success when trying to learn a language with your spouse.

All that said, it’s not to say that you won’t have uncomfortable moments. If you end up taking weekly classes like we did there will be times where it feels like a drag. If you’re spouse is giving off these signs it’s on you to pick them up.

Lastly, make sure you’re having fun. We like to compete with each other in online apps like duolingo and to set aside times where we only speak in Spanish. Maybe next date night choose to only speak in the language you’re learning?

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