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Show Notes

A friend of ours, Cedric Dahl, recently returned from a ten month trip to Spain and some nearby countries so the day he got back we bought him some BBQ and locked him in the studio to hear his story.

Cedric has a great YouTube channel here in which he vlogged about his recent trip and is planning an upcoming series about more of his travels.

Starting off in Barcelona, Cedric made his way through the southern region of Andalucia before he had to exit the country to renew his visa. After he was able to return, he ended up going to Las Palmas which is the capital of Gran Canaria, a Spanish island off the eastern coast of Morocco.

We’re getting the hint that this is only the beginning of Cedric’s time in Spain so definitely check out his vlog below for more on his adventures.

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Jennie y Ben

Palabras Española (Spanish Words)

  • Jamon = Shaved ham
  • La Pura Vida = The pure life
  • Satisfecho = Satisfied
  • Tocando de Viento = Touched by the wind
  • Caña = Small draft beer
  • Tinto Verano = Red wine spritzer
  • Aprendiste = You learned?
  • Lavapiés = Neighborhood in Madrid