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Show Notes

This week Ben interviews a former colleague and friend of his with a unique backstory. Jonathan Zaidman comes from a family that immigrated to Mexico years ago after being turned down by the United States when they were fleeing their homes in eastern Europe for fear of persecution.

There were many that fled this area, especially Jewish people, that were turned away by the United States due to quotas already being filled. They ended up making their way to Mexico City where they created businesses and thrived.

After a couple generations being born and raised in Mexico City, Jonathan’s parents relocated to San Diego where he was born and raised. During his time here in San Diego he spoke solely Spanish in the house while English out in the public.

Jonathan is the founder of the 1 to 1 Movement, a sustainability outreach program to help teach kids about living greener lives. You can find more about his project at their website: http://1to1movement.org/