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Show Notes

We started our journey nearly 2 years ago to learn Spanish and immerse ourselves into Latin culture. Along the way we’ve been able to fine tune our method and what works for us including taking classes, using duolingo, and challenging ourselves to engage with others in public.

While not easy, but hilarious at times, this episode is about how we arrived at this point and what we’ve learned so far along the way. Check out the link below for more tips, spanish words we use, and resources to help you in your journey.

Tips (Consejos)

  • We try to use Spanish every day, especially in the morning
  • For us, the most efficient way to learn is by taking in-person lessons (group or individual)
  • Translation apps are helpful for vocab, but don’t really help you learn
  • Learning together has been really helpful for us
  • It’s natural to be nervous when trying to speak with people that are first language Spanish speakers
  • Ask people to speak slowly when you’re trying to communicate
  • If trying to have a conversation with someone, let them know you’re learning beforehand
  • Try to understand the meaning of the words rather than translating word for word
  • The goal is to “think in Spanish”
  • Make duolingo a routine
  • Join an online group and look for people you come across regularly that speak spanish

Spanish Words (Palabras Españolas)

  • Mijo = my son (mi hijo)
  • Hola a Todos = Hello everyone
  • Mucho Gusto = Nice to meet you
  • Igualmente or Igual (eee-wall) = Likewise
  • Despacio por favor = Slower please
  • Estoy aprendiendo = I am learning
  • ¿Puedes ayudarme? = Can you help me?
  • Sucio = dirty


TV Shows / Movies

  • Jane the Virgin = Jennie’s favorite
  • Narcos on Netflix = About Pabo Escobar, a bit tough to understand, but great for learning the slang/pronunciations