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Show Notes

Thanks to Lalo we recently discovered a fun new app called Hello Talk which has been a ton of fun so far. It’s sort of like having a pen pal from another country that is trying to learn your language, and you theirs. So you can chat back and forth as well as correct each others messages. It’s a whole new experience for us that we were excited to share.

It has also been a few weeks since we sat down in the studio so here we catch up on the past few weeks interviewing folks as well as some fun new vocabulary we learned. If you haven’t listened to them yet the past two weeks were interviews with Jennie’s friend Rachel Leake and our Spanish teacher Lalo Vega. We recap those and add our thoughts about what we’ve learned recently.

¡Gracias por Escuchar!

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Dime = Tell me
  • Mirame = Look at me
  • Lo puedes hacer = You can do it
  • Mascota = Pet