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Show Notes

Jennie’s cousin Michael Field is back from his trip through South America! In this episode, we hear about his travels through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Uraguay all while staying in hostels. It’s a trip we’ve all wanted to take, now you can hear exactly what it is like. Enjoy!

Michael started his trip in Colombia and really enjoyed the northern region where he learned to scuba dive. Besides the food being rather bland, the country was beautiful and rather untouched compared to the more developed cities in South America.

A highlight of Michael’s trip was hiking up to Machu Picchu to Sun Gate. This breathtaking pass allowed him and his travel buddies to be the first ones in the park and see it in it’s most tranquil.

As a early bilingual, Michael had no issues communicating in his journey however, he did learn a few local phrases along the way. For exmple, in Colombia they say “a la orden” for “here you go” when someone brings you food. These little dichos would sometimes trip him up but overall he had no issues.

Towards the end of his trip, Michael’s parents metup with them for a hike in Patagonia. Rumor has it they also made a wino out of him while in Chile.

We hope this inspires you to take a trip sometime. If so please let us know on our Facebook page or Instragram account.

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