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Show Notes

It’s our favorite time of year again, tamale season! There also apparently are other holidays going on as well. This week we talk about the traditions we’re adopting from our Latin neighbors and those that we’re keeping from our own childhood.

Last year Jennie had a blast making tamales and this year is taking what she learned and is hoping to set a record. Okay, maybe not, but she’s definitely hoping to hone her skills with this Mexican tradition.

We also learned of the tradition in Mexico for Our Lady of Guadalupe where thousands of people visit the church in Mexico City where the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego. We’re not religious so we don’t plan on adopting this but it was interesting to learn about this history of a city we love.

¡Gracias por Escuchar!

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Galletas = Cookies
  • Bien hecho = Well done
  • Donde no puedas amar, no te demores = Where you can’t love, don’t waste your time
  • Buena Onda = Good Vibes
  • En ves de = Instead of
  • Indicativo = Indicative (mood of Español)
  • Imparativo = Imparative (mood of Español)
  • Me gustaria que viniera = I hope he comes (to visit)