Ep. 8 – Interview with Michael Field

This week we get to hear from Jennie’s cousin, Michael Field, who went through a Spanish immersion program as a child and is planning an upcoming study abroad in South America. Michael started his journey at an early age of 5 years old when his parents enrolled him in a Spanish immersion school in Portland, Oregon.

Ep. 7 – Bilingual Fiesta and Spanish in Politics

Our last two weeks were chock full of experiences in our learning journey including our son’s 1st birthday party and our trip to Portland to visit family. At Jack’s party we had some family and close friends over to celebrate with many speaking both Spanish and English, including Jack’s nanny Patricia.

Ep. 6 – Overcoming Struggles When Learning

This week we catch up with each other on how the week was as well as we did our first recording speaking Spanish in the wild! We took a mic with us on a recent journey out and about the town and got a few sound bites of us talking with others in Spanish.

Ep. 5 – Interview with Lalo Vega

This week we interviewed the man that has helped us immensely in our journey and taught us practically all the Spanish we know, our Spanish teacher, or guide as he likes to call himself, Lalo Vega!

Ep. 4 – Making Friends in Español

The past week proved to be full of exciting times meeting new friends in Español! Both Jennie and Ben met several people that are first language Spanish speakers and engaged in some interesting conversations. This episode introduces a new format where they talk about experiences like these along with other things they learned like new Spanish words and phrases. Enjoy!

Ep. 3 – Why We Decided to Raise Our Son Bilingual

We have a 10 month old son, Jack. He has been the light of our life since he’s joined us here on planet Earth. Naturally, since we want everyone to gain a greater compassion for others by learning a new language, we decided to raise him bilingual.

Ep. 2 – How We Got to This Point

We started our journey nearly 2 years ago to learn Spanish and immerse ourselves into Latin culture. Along the way we’ve been able to fine tune our method and what works for us including taking classes, using duolingo, and challenging ourselves to engage with others in public.

Ep. 1 – It Starts with Why

We are Jennie and Ben Sullins hosts of Breaking Español the Podcast. Recording after our young son Jack goes to sleep. We started this journey because we believe having compassion for other cultures starts with speaking their language. After a few trips to Europe and Latin America, we decided it was time to commit and actually learn a second language. Living in Southern California Spanish was an obvious choice.