Ep. 18 – Reasons to Continue Learning

This week we recap some of our recent learning challenges including a video chat where Ben helped Lalo with some questions about his blog and Jennie who made a few new bilingual friends at a nearby park.

Ep. 17 – How to Raise a Bilingual Child

Over the past year, we’ve learned a ton about raising a bilingual child, including what we need to do as parents to try and keep up! This week Jennie shares her lessons and resources for raising a child bilingual and how to adjust everything from how you speak to your child to the cartoons you watch.

Ep. 16 – Novelas & Bilingual Education

On this episode we talk a lot about the past few weeks of learning as well as some of the encounters we’ve had trying to speak Spanish in real life. Ben was up in Santa Barbara for some work and had a few opportunities to speak Spanish while Jennie stayed home watching Novelas and eating ice cream. Okay that last part isn’t true, but we do talk about novelas in this show as well as an upcoming law/proposition in California that would open up schools ability to run more bilingual programs.

Ep. 15 – Is Tijuana Safe?

We hear a lot from people that they’re scared to cross the border and visit Tijuana and Baja California. In this episode, we share our experiences and some research we’ve done to help understand this fear better.

Ep. 14 – Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX)

Ben just got back from his trip to Mexico city so we sat down to hear how it went. Ben was there with his brother for his bachelor party (Despedida de Soltero) and visited many areas, the huge park Chapultepec, and enjoyed a ton of great food.

Ep. 13 – Interview with Jonathan Zaidman

This week Ben interviews a former colleague and friend of his with a unique backstory. Jonathan Zaidman comes from a family that immigrated to Mexico years ago after being turned down by the United States when they were fleeing their homes in eastern Europe for fear of persecution.

Ep. 12 – Valle de Guadalupe

We’re so excited to share with you our recent trip down to Valle de Guadalupe! If you’re not familiar, this is Baja’s burgeoning wine country that sits just east of Ensenada about 1.5hrs south of San Diego.

Ep. 11 – Back on the Horse

This week we give some updates in our learning journey including trying to get a SENTRI pass, Spanish play dates, making reservations in Spanish, and using some new apps to help build vocabulary.

Ep. 10 – Recuerdos de Nica

This week we recount a trip we went on early in our Spanish learning journey to Nicaragua. Often for Jennie’s birthday the weather here in San Diego is pretty rainy so we end up traveling, this time to an amazing tropical destination and surf paradise.

Ep. 9 – Las Cuatros Milpas

This week Jennie and Ben went to a local Mexican restaurant in Barrio Logan, a very authentic Mexican area near downtown San Diego. At the restaurant they had a really authentic experience ordering, eating, and chatting w/ the ladies making all the food.