Ep. 28 – Interview with the nomad Cedric Dahl

A friend of ours, Cedric Dahl, recently returned from a ten month trip to Spain and some nearby countries so the day he got back we bought him some BBQ and locked him in the studio to hear his story.

Ep. 27 – ¡Feliz Navidad!

It’s our favorite time of year again, tamale season! There also apparently are other holidays going on as well. This week we talk about the traditions we’re adopting from our Latin neighbors and those that we’re keeping from our own childhood.

Ep. 26 – Embarazados Pelicula

We love watching Spanish movies. It helps us expand our vocabulary and learn the different accents used throughout the world. This week we share our thoughts on the movie Embarazados as well as our experiences speaking Spanish in real life including meeting a bilingual family from Israel. ¡Gracias por Escuchar!

Ep. 25 – Dia de Gracias

For Thanksgiving this year we spent it with our neighbors who are partly from Mexico. We enjoyed the time together learning about the traditional dishes they brought and talking about our upcoming trip to Oaxaca.

Ep. 24 – Learning a Language With Your Spouse

This week I (ben) do a solo episode talking about learning a language with your spouse. It’s not all sunshine and roses so here I’ll go into some of the ups and down that we’ve went through and how we’re making it work. Enjoy!

Ep. 23 – 15 Spanish Phrases You Should Know

This week we go into some uplifting phrases we found as well as an app we love for learning commands to tell your kids. As we go through we decided to make a game out of it where Ben quizzes Jennie on what the phrases mean. ¡Disfrutas!

Ep. 22 – What Trump Means for Latinos

This week we look into what impact president-elect Trump could have on the Latino community in the United States. A lot of us are still shaking our head as to how this happened and what this will mean, but we did some research and break down what specific actions an anti-immigrant president means to millions of Americans.

Ep. 21 – Camping Fail

Okay, so we tried to go camping and well, it didn’t go perfect. However, regardless of our failed overnight camping attempt due to rain and near freezing temperatures, we still used this as a learning opportunity. After retiring from the wilderness for the season, we ended up watching a great Spanish movie that we loved. Enjoy!

Ep. 20 – The Importance of Immersion

This week we’re talking all about immersion. There are two main ways we think about immersion, in school and in life. So we have two stories this week about how bilingual education may be coming back if a state proposition passes as well as a tale of one woman who took her family through Mexico and South America to truly immerse themselves in Latin life and culture.

Ep. 19 – Making Travel Arrangements in Spanish

This week we catch up with our learning journey. We had a class with Lalo so we have lots of words and phrases to share. As well, we are planning a trip to Oaxaca and in doing so had to navigate making the travel arrangements in Spanish over email. This posed a challenge but we got through it and share our tips on how you can navigate these situations also.