Ep. 38 – La Semana en Español

We’re introducing a new segment where we catch up with each other about the past week in Spanish. Thank you, everyone, for the great feedback about our previous conversations in Spanish for motivating us to do this. We think this will be a good way to share where we are at in our journey as well as help you learn a bit in the process. Enjoy!

Ep. 37 – Hello Talk

Thanks to Lalo we recently discovered a fun new app called Hello Talk which has been a ton of fun so far. It’s sort of like having a pen pal from another country that is trying to learn your language, and you theirs. So you can chat back and forth as well as correct each others messages. It’s a whole new experience for us that we were excited to share.

Ep. 36 – Interview With Lalo – Jerga

We’re excited to have our Spanish teacher Lalo Vega back on the program. We start out this episode by speaking in Spanish for several minutes to give you guys an idea of where we’re at as well as what a typical class is like for us. After our Spanish convo we had some fun learning Jerga or Slang from Lalo. We even learned some lessons on how to slow down and speak more clearly in Spanish so we are able to improve our level.

Ep. 35 – Interview w/ Rachel Leake

This week we have an interview with Rachel Leake. Rachel is a jet setter with a passion for learning Spanish and immersing herself into Latin culture. She recently went on a solo trip to South America and had lots of stories to share with us. Enjoy!

Ep. 34 – Oaxaca Journal pt 3 – Mezcal Tours

Part 3 of our journal through Oaxaca is all about Mezcal. We heard about this unforgettable mezcal educational tour of some palenques (Mezcal Distilleries) from some friends we made at the bed and breakfast. They gave us the guys info who we quickly called the following day and scheduled our tour for Sunday, the day before we were leaving.

Ep. 33 – Oaxaca Journal pt 2 – Tours in Spanish

In part 2 of our Journal through Oaxaca we take you on a tour through their unique botanical garden, to the ancient ruins of Monte Albán, and through the Museo de Textil. Monte Albán is a special place that reminds you how old the region of Oaxaca is. We toured this ancient center of the Zapotec people almost entirely in Spanish on a hot day with our toddler. The botanical gardens offered a peak into the Oaxacan culture and native landscape while the Museo de Textile showed just how colorful and expressive their people are.

Ep. 32 – Oaxaca Journal pt 1 – First Impressions

This is Part 1 of our journal through Oaxaca. We are excited to share all about this beautiful and vibrant city in southern Mexico. We start with where you should stay, what to do, and how the food and art can’t be missed, enjoy! And look forward to Part 2 and 3 in the coming weeks.

Ep. 30 – Niño Hablar

Lately we’ve been really focusing on helping Jack learn to speak. Like all parents we’ve read way too many articles on the internet about this which basically just confuse the issue. In this week’s episode we talk in depth about this and share our new words.

Ep. 29 – !Feliz Año Nuevo!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! We’re excited to join you in the new year and all that it will bring. This week we reflect on the year that past and our goals for 2017. We also found this hilarious article about speaking Spanglish in the San Diego reader which had us laughing mucho! ¡Gracias por Escuchar!