Ep. 58 – WHY to Start Learning Spanish Today

Hola Todos!

Alright, we have another quick episode for you to absorb today. It’s about finding your WHY.

We really feel this has helped us stick to learning past the first few weeks, months, and even year after taking on the challenge of studying a new language. 

Your WHY is what will keep you going.

We give some tips and ideas on how to find yours in today’s episode.

Ep. 57 – 5 Things to Try This Weekend

Hola Chicos!

We have a mini-episode for you today that will hopefully inspire you to try something new! These are our 5 favorite things to do when we need some inspiration to practice and use our Spanish. Try 1 or all of them and let us know how it went!

Ep. 56 – First time taking group lessons

We are officially back in Spanish classes! But this time, we’re going separately. Not only that but this time we’re doing group sessions with up to 4 other people which have been a new and fun experience. In this episode, we share all about how the classes are going as well as some other recent adventures including a TON of new vocab.

Ep. 55 – Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Año Nuevo!

We start the show and the new year off with what we are looking forward to doing this year. 

It was just 3 years ago that “learn Spanish” was one of our New Years resolutions and we made it happen!

If you are just starting your journey into learning Spanish or have decided to make the commitment this year, then this episode is for you.

We share the steps we took to get started and what has really worked for us. The most important, how we progressed so fast.

We share our language learning goals we set for this year. Starting with we enrolled back in Spanish classes!

Ep. 54 – Our Year in Review

Nuestra ultimo episodio del año!

Another year that we have completed podcasting our journey to become a bilingual family.

It had it’s excitement and challenges and we recap it in this last episode of 2017.


Jennie y Benjamin

Ep. 53 – Habla Solo en Español?

We are back this week after visiting family and have some thoughts and feelings on how our family reacted to our son speaking “solo en español”!  Our road trip brought on some opportunities to come up with games to play in Spanish and songs to sing.

Ep. 52 – Lost In Translation

We catch you up on our week full of excitement (we won a Tesla car!) and challenges keeping up our practice when life gets busy. We have a funny story where an important message about our son Jack got lost in translation. Jennie shares what she has come across while disciplining Jack in Spanish and how expressing in a new language is challenging.

Ep. 51 – Bilingual Mama Series – Tera Lopez Vannoy

Today we bring you a new series! To kick it off I sit down with my good friend Tera Lopez Vannoy. We chat what it’s like to dive headfirst into the unknown that is raising your first born bilingual.

Ep. 50 – Turning Your House Into a Bilingual Home

This is our 50th episode!!! On today’s show, we share some key things we did to “dress the part” around our home. This episode is full of our recommendations and tips to incorporating bilingual learning throughout your house.

A full list of show notes with our recommendations from today can be found at breakingespanol.com/50

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Ep. 49 – Don’t Be Shy

We catch up on the week, Ben was in New York and had a couple opportunities to make conversation with Spanish speakers from Columbia. He’s never shy to spark up a convo with anyone.
Our son Jack has been speaking all his colors in Spanish.  We love how he pronounces rosa “Sosa”