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Show Notes

For Thanksgiving this year we spent it with our neighbors who are partly from Mexico. We enjoyed the time together learning about the traditional dishes they brought and talking about our upcoming trip to Oaxaca.

Another tradition we picked up from our Mexican neighbors was playing the board game Lotería. It’s a board game similar to bingo but much more fun. One of the challenges we had was how you’re supposed to make a rhyme for the card itself, so instead we tried to make jokes out of it and enjoyed ourselves. Of course alcohol helped 🙂

During our week we also visited a nearby public park where all the nannies from the neighborhood go. At the park they all know each other, speak Spanish almost exclusively, and absolutely love the kids they care for.

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Nueva configuración = new configuration
  • Dia de Accion de Gracias = Thanksgiving
  • El Alacrán = The Scorpion
  • La Pera = The Pear
  • El Sol = The Sun
  • Vente aqui = Come here
  • Regularmente = Regularly
  • Normalmente – Normally
  • Probablemente = Probably
  • Seán = Will be
  • ¿Está tibia el agua? = Is the water warm?
  • Es hora de vestirte = Time to get dressed