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Show Notes

Our last two weeks were chock full of experiences in our learning journey including our son’s 1st birthday party and our trip to Portland to visit family. At Jack’s party we had some family and close friends over to celebrate with many speaking both Spanish and English, including Jack’s nanny Patricia.

On the trip to Portland to see family we started out by meeting a woman on our flight that had lived in Peru for 3 years prior and had great things to talk about in Spanish. Later in the week Jennie also had the opportunity to hear first hand from her two cousins that grew up in a Spanish immersion program what it was like and how it has influenced them as young adults.

Spanish Words (Palabras Españolas)

  • Cariño = Sweety / Lovey
  • Probeza = Poverty
  • Me Culpa = My fault
  • Felicidades = Congratulations
  • Tengo un Año = I have 1 year = I am 1yr old
  • Que ves ahi = What do you see?
  • En nuestra pies, somos americanos todos = In our country, we are all americans
  • Si se puede = Yes we can
  • Juntos se puede = Together we can
  • Tener = To have
  • Ser = To be (permanent)
  • Estar = To be (temporary)
  • Yo Soy = I am
  • Tengo hambre = I have hunger (literal) = I am hungry (expression)
  • Tengo que = I have to …
  • Tienes = Do you have…?
  • Tiene Cervesa = Do you have beer?

Photo journey

Tengo Un Año
¡Buena Comida!
Los Libros
Un Regalo
Mucho Carne
¡Muy Feliz!