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Show Notes

This week we give some updates in our learning journey including trying to get a SENTRI pass, Spanish play dates, making reservations in Spanish, and using some new apps to help build vocabulary.

We also started back at the Culture and Language center taking lessons and have lots to share. You’ll hear what it feels like to take a year off and some of the things that we got rusty at due to lack of practice. Enjoy!

Palabras Españolas (Spanish Words)

  • Me culpa = My fault
  • Ponlo/a zapeta in la basura = Put it in the trash
  • Ayudarme = Will you help me?
  • Lavate las manos = Wash your hands
  • Agradecer = To be thankful
  • Asi = Like that
  • Fui = I went (past tense of ser)
  • Estuve = I was (past tense of estar)

Consejos (Tips)

  • Use 011 to start an international call then enter the country code (52 for Mexico)
  • Get Global Entry for SENTRI and TSA Precheck (USA Only)
  • For women that changed their name for a marriage, make sure you get an updated passport before applying for Global Entry