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Show Notes

After learning Spanish for a while, you develop an extra sensitivity whenever someone starts speaking it near you. This is certainly the case for us and for many others we know.

Jack started his bilingual school, and it’s going great! He’s learning so much every day and getting along with the other kids. It’s a school that doesn’t have any computers or televisions, so he’s spending lots of time with puzzles and art class. We couldn’t be happier with this decision.

While in Phoenix, Jennie used her Spanish skills quite a bit. She’s out there finishing up everything so that she can sell her old condo. It helped that her uncle is from Colombia and while he speaks fluent English, enjoys chatting her up in Spanish whenever he can.

On the flight back Jennie noticed someone speaking Spanish behind her. This is the phenomenon all of us go through whenever you start to grasp a language. It seems as if you hear it everywhere.

We also found some great online content for you!

Las Chicas Del Cable is a Netflix show about female telephone operators in Madrid during the late 20’s. It’s incredibly difficult to pickup what they’re saying, but we enjoy watching with captions.

Another program we found that we love Superholly! She is a YouTuber that grew up in both Mexico and USA with a diverse background. Her channel is fun and engaging, and she does all of the videos in both English and Spanish. Check out one of our favorites below.