Ep. 56 – First time taking group lessons

Show Notes

We are officially back in Spanish classes! But this time, we’re going separately. Not only that but this time we’re doing group sessions with up to 4 other people which have been a new and fun experience. In this episode, we share all about how the classes are going as well as some other recent adventures including a TON of new vocab.
YouTube Channel – Tu escuela de Español
Como fue la semana? How was the week?
Suave – soft
Negocios – company (small stores, brick and mortar)
Compañia – company (large)
Empresa – Business, company (large business)
Compañero de trabajo – co worker
Cuentos – stories – used when talking about childrens books
Historia – story
Atras – behind, back
Capaz – able
Soy capaz de toca la guitarra- I am able to play the guitar
Tienen dudas – Any questions? -used in Latin America (Literal – Do you have doubt?)
Tienes preguntas? Do you have questions?
Oyentes – listeners
Adjectives: this, these, that, those
Este/a = this
Estos/as = these
Ese/a = that
esos/as = those
Pronoun: That and This
Eso es grande = That is big
Esto es un arbol = This is a tree

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