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Show Notes

We are officially back in Spanish classes! But this time, we’re going separately. Not only that but this time we’re doing group sessions with up to 4 other people which have been a new and fun experience. In this episode, we share all about how the classes are going as well as some other recent adventures including a TON of new vocab.
YouTube Channel – Tu escuela de Español
Como fue la semana? How was the week?
Suave – soft
Negocios – company (small stores, brick and mortar)
Compañia – company (large)
Empresa – Business, company (large business)
Compañero de trabajo – co worker
Cuentos – stories – used when talking about childrens books
Historia – story
Atras – behind, back
Capaz – able
Soy capaz de toca la guitarra- I am able to play the guitar
Tienen dudas – Any questions? -used in Latin America (Literal – Do you have doubt?)
Tienes preguntas? Do you have questions?
Oyentes – listeners
Adjectives: this, these, that, those
Este/a = this
Estos/as = these
Ese/a = that
esos/as = those
Pronoun: That and This
Eso es grande = That is big
Esto es un arbol = This is a tree