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Show Notes

Feliz Año Nuevo!

We start the show and the new year off with what we are looking forward to doing this year.

It was just 3 years ago that “learn Spanish” was one of our New Years resolutions and we made it happen!

If you are just starting your journey into learning Spanish or have decided to make the commitment this year, then this episode is for you.

We share the steps we took to get started and what has really worked for us. The most important, how we progressed so fast.

We share our language learning goals we set for this year. Starting with we enrolled back in Spanish classes!

Enjoy the show!

Gracias por escuchar!

Jennie y Benjamin


Feliz Añ0 Nuevo – Happy New Year

Cosas – things

Hacer – to do/make

Ejercicio – exercise

Gente – people

De hecho – that’s true (fact)

Negocio – company or deal

Compañera – company

Compañero – coworker

What we are listening to:

Duolingo Podcast – Short episodes with Spanish and English narration. Geared toward the intermediate learner. The episodes have transcripts which are helpful.

America the Bilingual – America the Bilingual is a storytelling podcast designed to inspire people on their journey to bilingualism. Many stories from people learning all different languages.