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Show Notes

Nuestra ultimo episodio del año!
Another year that we have completed podcasting our journey to become a bilingual family.
It had it’s excitement and challenges and we recap it in this last episode of 2017.

We started the year with our trip to Oaxaca. A beautiful place in Mexico just South of Mexico City.
If you want to take a listen to our experiences while there check out episode 32-34.

Ben started using News in Slow Spanish and doing lessons on his own.

Jennie started attending social meet up group events and found it helped with shyness while speaking.

Jennie also went to Santiago and Valparaiso Chile in South America con una amiga! Check out episode 39-42 to hear all about it.

We had a really big change when our bilingual nanny gave her notice. We had to find more ways away from the house to practice speaking in Spanish as well as a new child care option for our son. Plus we felt like we were saying goodbye to a member of our family.

But it introduced us to the bilingual education system as we put our son in a bilingual Montessori school. He is thriving and we are happy to keep up the daily immersion for him.

Something unexpected came out of it and now we are connected with so many other bilingual families. We have hosted “dinners en espanol” and have enjoyed meeting other bilingual parents and niños.

We took a break over the summer – (note to podcasters) don’t take more than 3 months off iTunes will delete it from your subscribers feeds! Live and learn BUT it was a much needed and and very enlightening break.

We learned….

We still love this podcast and want to make time for it.

Our post processing was way too complicated.

We needed to simplify the whole process.

We came back more excited than ever to continue sharing this journey.

Jennie made a big change that benefits the podcast. She left her job as a hairstylist behind the chair, after 15 years!! Travel and flexibility was a motivator but also putting time into other projects like this Podcast.

That means that next year exciting things are to come!

We hope you enjoy our recap and most important thank you for listening, subscribing, and sharing this journey with us.

Jennie y Benjamin