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Show Notes

Hola Todos!

We are back this week after visiting family and have some thoughts and feelings on how our family reacted to our son speaking “solo en español”!  Our road trip brought on some opportunities to come up with games to play in Spanish and songs to sing.

Jennie took Jack to his first pelicula! The Disney movie Coco about a Latin American family, traditions and music.

Ben thinks he has found the answer to: Is it naranja or anaranjado??

Enjoy the show!

Gracias por Escuchar,

Jennie y Ben


Show Notes:


Que es eso? – What is it?
El cine – the cinema
El teatro – the theater
Fuimos – we went
Ver – to see
Enferma – sick
Arbol – tree
Palomitos – popcorn
Pimientos – peppers
Abuela – Grandma
Mijo – my son, contraction (mi + hijo)
Dia de los muertos – Day of the Dead – Latin American Holiday celebrating family that has passed

This Week I learned:
Naranja – orange – color and the fruit
Anaranjado – orange as well, or making something orange: as in paint on a wall is anaranjado
Como – like, like something else
Mismo – same, It’s the same – lo mismo