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Show Notes

Hola Todos!

We catch you up on our week even though we’re under the weather and our voices show it. Ben had a great week and shares what he does for work and what an exciting time it has been! We won a car!! A Tesla Roadster! If you want to see Ben in the flesh and hear all about it check out his Youtube channel Teslanomics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzDgCTI2JMA

But aside from that, we chat how we incorporate our practice and learning even when life gets crazy busy.
It’s about finding small ways to continue when not actively advancing your learning.

Like reading News in slow Spanish and Conversing daily en Español.

We have a funny story where an important message about our son Jack got lost in translation.

Jennie shares what she has come across while disciplining Jack in Spanish and how expressing in a new language is challenging.

We also break down how and when we use Tu and Usted form.

Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

New shows we are watching:
Club Cuervos on Netflix – takes place in Latin America – about a soccer team
Ben isn’t a fan of all the slang (jerga)
The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate De Castillo Story – Documentary

Voces – voices
Mocos – boogers
Abeja – bee
No toca – don’t touch
Morder – to bite
Mirame – look at me
Abre la boca – open the mouth
Sientete – you sit
No mas – no more
Peligroso – dangerous
Pepinos – cucumbers
Yo se – I know
Costumbre malo – bad habit

This Week I learned:
Arresto domiciliario – house arrest
Le explico – he explained
Atravieso – going through
Atras – back
Ya me voy – I’m off, now I go, I’m outta here
Ya llego – I’m here, I’ve arrived
Le encanta – he loves