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Show Notes

Thank you for joining us on our 50th episode!!!

Show notes:

1. Write your grocery list in Spanish
2. Label objects around the house in Spanish: Great for learning new vocabulary!
3. Turn TV into Spanish:
Change your smart tv or streaming service profile into Español language like Netflix and/or Hulu – go into settings to change – changes menus but not necessarily the show if they don’t don’t have it recorded in Spanish – a lot of shows are available in multiple languages.
4. Turn phone into Spanish speaking: Take note this is an Advanced one and can be a challenge running your business on it, but give it a try even if just for a few days!
5. Atleast add a Spanish keyboard to your phone – makes texting in Spanish so much easier!
6. Print out vocabulary for the week – Jennie likes to hang hers on her bathroom mirror
7. Hang Spanish artwork and sayings around your house
8. Create a space for a whiteboard – use it for new words and phrases for the week
9. Play Spanish music: Pandora stations – Cri Cri radio for kids (not Jennie’s favorite LOL), Juanes Unplugged, Maluma, Carla Morrison (she’s from Tijuana) chill indie tunes, Pink Martini, Gypsy Kings
10. Say Buenas noches to objects around the house with kids at bedtime – Our son loves this one!