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Show Notes

We catch up on the week, Ben was in New York and had a couple opportunities to make conversation with Spanish speakers from Columbia. He’s never shy to spark up a convo with anyone.
Our son Jack has been speaking all his colors in Spanish.  We love how he pronounces rosa “Sosa”
  • Don’t get stuck on a word you don’t know – work around it by describing the word with ones you do know
  • Apply the lessons and speak Spanish out “in the wild”
Estas ocupado hoy – Are you busy today?
Chambiar – to make money
Jerga – slang
Correr -to run
Tobillo – ankle
Siempre frio – always cold
Gracias por la conversation – Thank you for the conversation
Molestar – to annoy
Libros en español:
Spanish Verbs – Maria Rosario Hollis
Para niños:
My first Spanish Word Book – Angela Wilkes/Daniel Santacruz
Word reference app for your phone