In part 2 of our Journal through Oaxaca we take you on a tour through their unique botanical garden, to the ancient ruins of Monte Albán, and through the Museo de Textil. Monte Albán is a special place that reminds you how old the region of Oaxaca is. We toured this ancient center of the Zapotec people almost entirely in Spanish on a hot day with our toddler. The botanical gardens offered a peak into the Oaxacan culture and native landscape while the Museo de Textile showed just how colorful and expressive their people are.

Ep 33 | Jan 31, 2017

Oaxaca Journal pt 2 - Tours in Spanish

On this episode we talk a lot about the past few weeks of learning as well as some of the encounters we’ve had trying to speak Spanish in real life. Ben was up in Santa Barbara for some work and had a few opportunities to speak Spanish while Jennie stayed home watching Novelas and eating ice cream. Okay that last part isn’t true, but we do talk about novelas in this show as well as an upcoming law/proposition in California that would open up schools ability to run more bilingual programs.

Ep 16 | Oct 4, 2016

Novelas & Bilingual Education

We have a 10 month old son, Jack. He has been the light of our life since he’s joined us here on planet Earth. Naturally, since we want everyone to gain a greater compassion for others by learning a new language, we decided to raise him bilingual. We have no doubt Jack will grow up being able to better communicate with other kids as a result of these efforts. In this episode we share the steps we’re taking to help our son learn both Spanish and English at the same time. Enjoy!

Ep 3 | Jun 27, 2016

Why We Decided to Raise Our Son Bilingual